Anyone using Vectric Aspire wrapping with ChiliPeppr?

Anyone using Vectric Aspire wrapping with ChiliPeppr? I ask because when I save the toolpath as Mach3 with Y2A(wrapping the Y around the X axis), and then put that in ChiliPeppr, it gives me a preview that isn’t anything like the supposed output for my “clearing” pass, and when I put in my finishing pass, ChiliPeppr crashes.

I’m looking for any ideas as to why this is happening. Is there a better processor to save to?

Pictures please. You’ll need to make a new post.

Yeah, I’m not sure how Gcode would crash ChiliPeppr. It just tries to render XYZ values into the 3D viewer.

@jlauer yeah, that’s what I would think but for some reason it kills it dead, regardless of which browser I use.

@raykholo what do you need pictures of? Aspire or ChiliPeppr? And doing what specifically?

Screenshots of your entire Chilipeppr window.

It’s probably more the size of your Gcode file. How big is it?

The finishing pass is 26.5 mb Not sure if I can make it any smaller.

Yeah, that’s why it is crashing. That’s a huge file.

I’ll have to see if I can reduce its size. Not sure how but I’ll see if any of the other post processors will make a smaller one. Any suggestions?

I just found an EMC2 post processor for Y2A, the only issue is that it uses inches instead of mm so I gotta see if I have to change anything other than the Units variable… I’ll report back as to whether it helps.

@ehrichweiss You can also make your own post processor. Check the Vectric site for more details. I have noticed that they sometimes have unnecessary items that contribute to excessive file sizes such as line numbers.