Anyone using OpenSCAD with a MacBook Air?

Anyone using OpenSCAD with a MacBook Air? Just tried it with 2012 MBA 11" and OpenCSG doesn’t render very well at all. If I get a new laptop and can’t use SCAD I would be sad.

Are you actually doing a full render? There’s a preview render, and an actual full render. Full render will lack any green csg negative primitives.

Yeah, I’ve seen that. The video card in the air isn’t exactly… good.

Nah, CGAL is the full render while the other is the preview which should have transparency and shading. On the MBA it renders things as black instead of shading them so its hard to tell whats going on. I seem to remember this on the old Thingiview with certain computers although its fixed with the new version. Wasn’t sure if thats a bug in OpenSCAD/OpenCSG or just a limitation of the integrated graphics or maybe not enough VRAM… ?

Yeah, integrated graphics is to blame. Had same issue. “fortunately” I have older macbook air and desktop was upgradeable.