Anyone using Octoprint on a Raspberry PI to control their printrbot? I've been

Anyone using Octoprint on a Raspberry PI to control their printrbot?

I’ve been having a little trouble with connectivity. Wondering if it’s just me or if others are having trouble and the project isn’t quite baked yet.

When I’ve got it working I can print stuff but then it will just freeze half way through a print. I’ve turned off the powersave modes on raspbain.

That said, prontrface itself doesn’t always play nice with printrbot and requires a lot of ‘turn it off and on again’. But really not having any luck with octoprint at all.


@Gina_Haussge is the creator/maintainer. Quite a few people are actually using it without issue.

Thanks, I might just rebuild it. I got the webcam up and running as per her instructions but only if I point a browser window at the camera directly. I can’t see the camera from within octoprint. I must have screwed something up.

Good to know it’s proving problem free for most people. Thanks!

@Pauric_OCallaghan If you can see the webcam in a browser window, but not in OctoPrint, there might be something wrong with your configuration. You should be able to just use the same URL you use in your browser location bar as the “stream” setting in the “webcam” section of OctoPrint’s config file.

Anyway, regarding your stability issues, it might also be a problem with the communication to your printer. In case it happens again, please take a look at the Terminal tab in the UI. OctoPrint logs what it sends to and receives from the printer there, this might be of help in troubleshooting. Also, do you get a disconnect (State in OctoPrint jumps back to “Disconnected” or “Error”) or does it really just freeze (State stays at “Printing”)?

I have been able to start a print but yesterday all I could do was connect, can set bed & hotend temps. If I loaded a gcode file the state changed to “locked” (or something like that, I’m not near my printer now) and the button changed to Connect again but was not clickable. Sorry if that’s not clear. I will rebuilt and if I see the same problems I will write up a proper report.

Thanks for putting octoprint together. It is awesome! I’m a UI designer, the interface is very well thought out. I’m impressed.

I had a few good prints using octoprint, but then it seems to freeze/crash the pi in the middle of a print. The number 1 feature I think it needs is SD card management of the printer - to allow you to transfer the gcode to the sdcard, then start the job from there, so if the PI crashes the job will continue…

@Pauric_OCallaghan Thanks, the only interface design background I have is self taught, so I’m glad that I seem to have managed that somehow, a usable interface was one of my goals. Regarding your state issues, that sounds weird, if it happens again please give me a shout!

@Anthony_White you might be happy to hear that I recently ordered an sd card add-on I hope I’ll be able to get to work with my Ultimaker to work on exactly that feature.

Regarding those freezing issues, I just remembered something I encountered myself quite early with my Pi… do you @Anthony_White and @Pauric_OCallaghan by any chance use a powered USB hub and a USB wifi dongle for accessing the Pi? I seem to remember that my Pi “froze” from time to time as in it didn’t answer via Wifi anymore and the whole USB stack broke down, but it was still up and running in principle. I googled around a bit, checked syslog etc and after a time came to the conclusion that the ethernet port (which internally is connected via USB) was acting up and flooding the whole bus with nonsense thus shutting it down (syslog was flooded with messages from the driver). Since I don’t use the ethernet port I have disabled the corresponding module on my Pi (“echo 1-1.1:1.0 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/smsc95xx/unbind” on bootup, or rather the init script I found at and haven’t had any problems at all since doing so… I also changed some stuff in my bootup options, I can look those up if you want.

@Jelle_Boomstra was that saturation before or after the switch to

@Gina_Haussge Yeah, I’m running rpi in a motorola lapdock (essentially a hdmi screen, keyboard, powered usb hub and battery) I’m not using ethernet, I’ll definitely turn that off.

Interested in other settings you suggest too. Once I rebuild Octoprint and turn off ethernet. If I still see problems I’ll report back.

Thanks again for your help.

@Gina_Haussge It’s cool that you’re already planning on working on it with your ultimaker. If you need a beta tester or any kind of assistance/feedback I’d be happy to offer a bit of my time.
Are you basically suggesting we don’t access the RPI via ethernet tp resolve the crashing issue?
I power my PI via a standard ATX 400 watt on the 5 volt rail, and connect via ethernet. I have a fairly HD video camera with autofocus. I think your package could use a better means of configuration, as the config file addressed in the non-rpi section of your github frontpage instructions seems a bit temperamental / format sensitive.

Do you power your motorola lapdock from the Rpi? If so- that’s a neat idea for setup access to it.

@Anthony_White re rpi + lapdock. No, the other way around. Lapdock has powered USB and it’s own battery. Essentially you make the rpi a laptop for $50
I really like it.

@Anthony_White If you are using the ethernet port, than of course turning it off won’t help you. It seems to have some issue though: The bug there references the kernel option “smsc95xx.turbo_mode=N” – that kinda rings a bell, I think I also used that (can’t take a look right now).

Regarding the configuration, the “you need to edit the configuration file” approach won’t stay forever. I want to add a real settings dialog in the future (it’s already listed on the issue tracker), but I want to work on the really important stuff (stability, flexibility) first. I’ve recently switched from ini-based configuration files to YAML, which should help to structure everything a bit better, but I also know that not everyone wants to edit text files for configuring stuff, so it’s definitely on the TODO list ,)

Awesome! And I was speaking of disconnecting my ethernet port and setting up a wifi usb access point instead to try and eliminate the hiccup.
I’m excited to see you working so hard on this! I think a lot of people will end up using it.

@Anthony_White I actually wish I was able to work harder on it, since I’m having an epic ton of fun while doing so, but that stupid day job gets in the way and a day only has 24h :wink: