Anyone using a Bowden extruder on their Mendel.

Anyone using a Bowden extruder on their Mendel. I am working on customizing for a single extruder and the parts I have on hand. The biggest issue is that it uses Sketchup, and the resulting model is not manifold and thus I can’t modify it in OpenSCAD. Therefore, I’m rolling my own parts from scratch. I want to move the mass off the X slide which I noticed is able to twist (causing the hotend to rotate to the back on fast travels) a bit due to how the extruder motor hangs off. Anyway, if someone has a working version, I’m happy to be inspired by it :slight_smile:

Have you tried the trick to repair the STL? About every STL Ive seen from Sketchup needs repaired. Once you do that itll more often than not import to OpenSCAD. I clicked on one of the files and had it processed through netfabb… it had 6 holes and 5 shells at 236k before and after it has 0 holes, 1 shell, and sits at 44k. Lesson: process all SKP files before working with them.

I did not try the cloud version. I tried Netfabb Studio Basic. I gave up, tried Meshlab, gave up after two nights and rolled my own.

Netfabb studio basic doesn’t perform as many options as the cloud version does. For anyone that sees this. NSB is great, but largely limited. did work on this file.

I still prefer starting with OpenSCAD and allowing parametric modification of a thing.

@Jay_Couture Sure absolutely, OpenSCAD FTW. It just sounded like you were trying to import a file from SKP and were having problems is all.

Yes import the stl exported from Sketchup so I could performe some CSG operations to change the retainer nut diameter.