Anyone that will be at MRRF this weekend,

Anyone that will be at MRRF this weekend, do any of you have 2 of the 32 tooth 10 mm robotdigg pulleys they would want to sell? I’m 2 short. I can either use a mix of 36 and 32 tooth or print two 32 tooth pulleys right now.

Luckily, if I mix it would be doable to have the drive pulleys be the 36 and the idler pulleys be all 32. So at least they would match. But then I have to figure out 20:36:32 teeth drive numbers.

I do.

@SMW3D has them and it also looks like the “no shoulder” versions as well!
Maybe @Brandon_Satterfield can get them to you before you leave!

Awesome Eric! It looks like id have to pay about 30$ in shipping to get them when j need them. I’ll try my printed versions till this weekend.

I owe you a beer Eric!

@Isaac_Arciaga I wondered when someone would notice the new shoulderless pulleys. Your awesome! Have a size you want, I can easily get them, just let me know. Didn’t carry the 10mm bores till Eric used them.

@Joe_Spanier 30.00 in shipping… Ouch. Keep me in mind before spending that much.

No that was from you to get them by friday. If you can get them to IL before friday with less then 2day air shipping the order will be in in a few minutes.

@Joe_Spanier . Just checked and your right on, to run a little box across the country 2 day am delivery was at cheapest 26.00.

Wish I could help more man, sorry. I’ll split it with you if that’ll help? I can ship today, but can’t make a promise once it is in their hands…

Really? Thats awesome. But at this point Ill just use my printed ones and grab the ones from Eric at MRRF. We are leaving pretty early on friday and Im afraid it would be wasted effort. I will be ordering some spares from you though. Thanks man.

That’s cool, wish we could go… Think we will run up next year.