Anyone test out the latest smoothie multi axis?

Anyone test out the latest smoothie multi axis? I compiled from source on Sunday but incorrect or no axis movements. The firmware I compiled back in July works as expected but the newer firmware doesn’t with the same config.txt.

The newer firmware flashed fine since “Version” matches the compile date.

If I comment out the A,B,C axis config.txt settings and reboot, I notice X,Y,Z axis will then move correctly.

I compiled a 4 and 5 axis firmware and both have the same issues.
make AXIS=4 CNC=1

maybe try the latest config too ? ( with as little edits as you can to get it to testing )

@Arthur_Wolf I actually did that, that’s how I noticed XYZ works without ABC config settings in config.txt. When I edited in the ABC settings and reboot then it doesn’t work.

try the firmware-latest.bin it is 5 axis. remove all references to extruder in the config.
I suspect you have not configured it correctly for 5 axis or you built it incorrectly, (wrong toolchain etc)

@Wolfmanjm so someone has already tested this 5axis version and confirmed that it works? I’m at work so I’ll try this tonight.

yes lots of people have been using 6-axis for quite a while now. however you do need to fully understand how it works and what it is used for.

@Arthur_Wolf , @Wolfmanjm , do you have an example (video, maybe ?) that could show a machine working with 5th axis, and this axis working as a rotatory element (or oscillatory, 180 degrees) ?. Just for curiosity…

I’ve seen a video of Smoothie with 4 axes, but not with 5 axis. The rarer a setup, the less likely there is to be video of it …
I’ll definitely film it when I setup 5 axes.

@Arthur_Wolf , That will be fantastic !. Please, do it… we want to see that… nowadays I’m building a cnc machine with 5 axis… (4th and 5th as rotatory), but, I can’t see some videos (even comments, just a few) where we can see how it works. If we could see an example… it will be wonderful… as a consequence, more questions will appear… and that’s the idea…

So firmware-latest.bin has 5 axis pre-compiled in… I have a 4th axis machine, and was trying to see if it was compiled in or I would have to attempt to compile it. Which Im a total noob at. Thanks.