Anyone printing with Taulman Nylon ?

Anyone printing with Taulman Nylon? what material do you use for the heated bed? which temperature? I am able to extrude it without problems but for complex things it does not stick to the HB.

Garolite LE and poplar wood are supposed to be the best materials. I got it to stick to my regular kapton surface pretty well, but it kept pulling the tape up off the glass.

What temps are you guys running?

I’ve been extruding it at 230, with platform temperatures between 110 and 130.

I can print at 230 without problem. I’ve been trying to use Acetone with ABS for the HB, but does not work. Will try with poplar wood, I would have preferred not to change the glass but just to drop “something”.

Yeah, that’s why I haven’t tried the garolite yet. Changing the platform surface means changing the thickness, and I’d rather not have to mess with my surface or endstop to change materials if possible.

Yep switching z-heights is annoying, but the garolite LE is by far the most consistent surface I’ve tried. Poplar works well too but has the same z issues as garolite and tends to leave wood fibers in the bottom of the print.

well, you could have two slicing profiles with a z-offset for the highest printing surface… I will 1) try to translate garolite into Spanish and 2) buy it :slight_smile:

That would work, assuming there’s a spot that the nozzle can go past the surface without crashing to activate the min endstop…