Anyone own one of those teflon-coated nozzles from makerbot?

Anyone own one of those teflon-coated nozzles from makerbot? What are your experiences with it? They don’t seem to be selling them anymore - I’m guessing they weren’t worth the overhead.

Ive been thinking of ways to keep filament from sticking to the outside of the nozzle (seems like once you get a little on there it keeps jumping up and sticking). Thinking about trying some high-temp lubricant (cooking spray?), but maybe this nozzle helps with that?

I’m guessing this is also the reason why the @Ultimaker uses such a “sharp” tip.

Does PLA & ABS stick to carbon? Could we ‘season’ our nozzles the same way as a cast iron pot?

My Teflon coating has scratched off and now Filament sticking to it is a real issue.
I hoped to buy a replacement from @MakerBot1 Industries :frowning:

It did help keep plastic (ABS, at least) from sticking to the nozzle, until it wore off, which didn’t take terribly long.

They had to change the nozzle shape too. That shape was great for ABS, since it smoothed the print out. That same smoothing, however, caused too much back-pressure with PLA and caused jamming issues. (I believe they also changed the internal geometry as well, but I’m not so sure as to what those changes were.)

Where to get a better replacement nozzle for 3mm PLA?

Fairly sure nobody else makes nozzles compatible with the mk5/6. I don’t even think its a metric thread.