Anyone out there using these materials?

Anyone out there using these materials?

This material is for producing parts for looks only. You will not get the strength of tungsten because its intermixed with ABS as the filament. What you end up with is ABS filament contaminated with tungsten. tungsten requires near 1000 degree heat to melt, which no 3D printer can do. ABS will boil past 150 degrees, so what happens is the ABS strength is reduced by the tungsten contaminate in the filament.

it is also for weighted parts as density is around 4g/cm³ (and also for radiation shielding)

Wood is one of the few specially filaments worth consideration. It allows easy sanding and staining while providing a wood texture. Color can vary with temp.

I also like the glass filament made by philament. It gives the object a very nice high quality look and feel.

@Ulrich_Baer It will only block alpha radiation, but so will paper. No 3d printer can get hot enough to melt it into a cohesive body. Weighted parts, yeah it will do that, good call.

@MidnightVisions What makes you think it would only shield protons? It will also shield β and γ-rays like all elektromagnetic waves. Sure you will need more than one layer as this property just came from materials density ρ …

@Ulrich_Baer Tungsten is a metal, anytime a metal in the transition range is hit with a nuclear element, it will shed particles like a cue stick hitting a pool ball, hitting another ball. All metals will eventually degrade into lead under this process, which is at the end of the breakdown process. But even lead will deliver lethal levels of electrons when charged above the materials breakdown voltage.

We learn something every day, eh?:wink:

life is a learning experience, that’s how I look at things. Cheers.