Anyone out there using mattercontrol? The autoleveling is awesome,

Anyone out there using mattercontrol? The autoleveling is awesome, but I’m having a problem with the buttons which control the axis movement. In trying some of the buttons, I’ve found that almost every button tells the printer to move the Y to around 205 , the X to about 40, and the Z to about 1.5. The numbers vary slightly, but don’t seem to change based on the extruder’s starting position or the chosen increment of movement. The homing buttons did all work fine, though. Is it a possibility that somewhere in the software my numbers for the bed size are messing something up? I don’t remember ever putting any printer information into the program, just into the slicer configuration.
Writing the proper g code commands myself works fine, but I can see that the buttons are sending weird positions to the printer.

Tried it, easy to use. I feel it is like next gen of Repetier-Host.

The instructions say that what ever printer you choose from there pre-configured list it will then input the printer settings, build area ect.

Yeah, I was able to choose the preset for my printrbot, but I still have the problem

@Cameron_O_Neill the default preset worked very smoothly with my printrbot simple.

I’m going to try reinstalling the program and suggested driver to see if that changes anything

Yep, that fixed the problem. Not sure what went wrong on the initial install. All this program needs now is quick changing for slicer presets!