Anyone need a pi?

Anyone need a pi?

Originally shared by Mark Leino

I have a couple raspberry pi’s, and was thinking about doing a “giveaway” to encourage some creative thinking. What I’m thinking is I donate the pi, and it’s yours to keep in exchange for a little how-to write up about how you used it with your cnc set up. First one up for grab is a pi model b+. Comes with sd card.

Let me know if your interested! I think doing some giveaways like this would be fun! Let me know your plan and I will have it in the mail to you. All in all I think we can all learn from it, but please don’t take on something that is so far out of your comfort zone it will never get completed. Have fun.

What would be cool is a nice Webcam widget binding to a Raspi which does a great job with the Raspicam. The cam should allow fiducial detection!

@jlauer are you volunteering? :slight_smile:

No. I have like 20 raspberry pi boards lying around.

I was going to get a Pi to run the Json Server on so I can connect to the CNC with my Desktop computer.