Anyone managed to work with the new Adafruit Trinket M0? It's not officially supported,

Anyone managed to work with the new Adafruit Trinket M0? It’s not officially supported, but the Gemma M0 is, and is using the same SAMD21E18 chip.

I tried to tweak the library myself, but my knowledge in this area is limited and I haven’t had success. I feel like it wouldn’t be too complicated though, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Solution : ladyada updated their FastLED library for the Trinket M0. Tested and working.

If you want to grab the modified file only, it’s /platforms/arm/d21/fastpin_arm_d21.h

Sorry, maybe I’m annying you… but hopefully not.

Since weeks now I’m trying to get run the Trinket M0 with some sample codes of Mike Kriegsman. No success at all, no neopixel-matrics runs. But with the Arduino Uno it runs perfectly, without any issues.

I assume ladyada found a solution, if we use the “above” mentioned files, right?
How do I active ths fastpin_arm.d21.h-file?
What do I need to add to my sketch?

Looking forward to reading any solution which might solve "my gray growing hairs :O)

@Oliver_Prinz Hey Oliver, check out this post, the 5th comment has instructions on how to update the fastpin file :

Good luck!