Anyone knows of a mod to fit the Printrbot  Gear Head Extruder (

Anyone knows of a mod to fit the @Printrbot Gear Head Extruder ( on a Printrbot Simple Maker (late 2013) modified with the iamjonlawrence no saw mod ( ?

it should fit with the "2014 aluminium " versions on there ( was my understanding anyway )


i have the parts for this too just not got around to printing and fitting it.

Nice ! Had not seen it. Compared it to the original and it may just work. Looking at the part and the pictures at it has everything it needs I think.

Only think is you may want to use RevA:

I’ve seen this for sale, but what exactly is the benefit?

Gets rid of the spring and that roller bearing, gets you constant tension on the filament as it’s pushed in the extruder.

also works great for flex filaments as well apparently.

yeah i think i had the rev-a version fitted before i fitted my hexagon ( so much shorter i needed a new carriage )

Oh ok. Thanks!