Anyone know where I get a 14pin ribbon cable? I have check amazon,

Anyone know where I get a 14pin ribbon cable? I have check amazon, and any local electronic stores in my area with no luck, (amazon at like 20+ per cable would arrive late April at the earliest). I need it for the expansion slot on my printrboard, so I can connect to my extruder board.


I buy ribbon cable on eBay. You can get a wider cable and cut it to the right number of conductors. You can also get snap on connectors there too. No tools needed fo ribbon.

@Matt_Harrington so it’s fine if I cut the connector? I have tomes of ribbon cables from old pc’s but they are 24 pin I believe. Guess I will cut one down to size then, thanks.

You can cut the cable to size but you will need a right size connector. I guess a bigger one could work if you have room on either side of the header.

@Matt_Harrington yes I have plenty of room on either side, while at school I had forgotten whether or not the expansion slot was in the middle of the board or to the side. Thankfully it is to the side so I might be able to get away with a big 24pin cable

Great. If you pop an existing connector off, you can reposition it on the cable. You will see how it works if you get one off. There are usually clips on the sides.

Try AllElectronics. They have all kinds and will sell by the foot. Fast shipping also in the US at least.

You m happy to provide one for free. Just email the length you need. Brook@printrbot…

@Brook_Drumm I’m going to try out@Matt_Harrington idea, I already have all the parts for it, so no harm done trying😉


Only thing I’d warn against in trying to open up a ribbon connector is that the clips on the side tend to break really easily.

Agreed. I had this discussion yesterday. Those connectors are not designed to be reused- they just snap and break :frowning:

@Mr_Bonce well, rather than open the connector, would it be possible to just leave it and only use the wires you need? Like so? missing/deleted image from Google+

Honestly… If it were me I would probably take Brook up on his offer…

Yea, get the free cable. What you have pictures should work tho unless you have it upside down.