Anyone know where I can get 2020 aluminum extrusion v rollers inexpensively?

Anyone know where I can get 2020 aluminum extrusion v rollers inexpensively? I’ve seen a couple places but they have seemed fairly expensive for what the part is.

Griffin P. is the only place I know when v rollers are concerned. Inventables also sells the Makerslide type parts.

I’m a fan of openbuilds. I consider $3-4 roller assemblies reasonable. I think that the rollers alone are around $1-2 at their site. These are the smoothest and stiffest extrusion roller I have seen at the hobbyist level.

@Griffin_Paquette what is your end product your building? We use the V-wheels for light duty, solid Derlin for medium duty and poly for heavy but all these apply to V-slot.
I’ve seen a few guys use another type of roller for square 2020 aluminum extrusion like what’s available at home good stores. @shauki might be a good reference for this.

@Brandon_Satterfield I am working on a new printer design that uses the rollers for all 3 axis’. It’s going to be my everyday high quality printer that I intend to use with dual extrusion. If the v rollers are the best option then I will go with them. Just trying to cut costs where I can.

Delrin v roller is great as long as you also spend a few extra dollars for the accompanying extrusions from openbuilds. Totally worth it for the extra quality. But you can also get these

Let me know if I can help, we carry them too. Agreed that when you get into a build $3-5 / wheel doesn’t seem like much, till you find out you need 30qty of them :-).

To save on cost use the V Derlin wheels on your low load areas, they are the lowest cost.

Go to lowes and pick up some shower door rollers

Personally I went with the V-slot rails and wheels, which are very nice gear at a somewhat reasonable price.

The wheels that @Dat_Chu linked to seem like a better alternative. I’ve seen them in a few of the #QuadRap style printers and they appear to work well.

For a light load design, I recommend solid v wheels. It doesn’t take many wheels and it doesn’t have any chance for side vibration that could mess with your print.

@Griffin_Paquette - Check out my printer, @Cohesion3D
That frame is entirely @OpenBuilds1 v-slot and all 3 axes use the wheels as you said you wanted.
We’re fully open source so if you’re comfortable cutting aluminum and printing your own parts, I can set you up with the STL files for printing and a BOM for everything to buy.
I’ve got 3 of them running right now and the design is solid, there are about 10 people testing it, whether they bought a one-off kit from me, an upgrade to their existing printer to use Cohesion’s modular toolhead design, or are building it themselves. We wanted to work all the kinks out before launching on Kickstarter.

@raykholo do you have the files for the plates used in all 3 axis?

Sure. They’re quite specific to the way I have the cohesion printer set up though. Is that the intended application or something else?
In any case, shoot me an email and I’ll send them over. Just start typing my name in gmail and I should come up…