Anyone know what this type of plastic might be called?

(Larry) #1

Anyone know what this type of plastic might be called? I’m trying to make my own type of bracelet using a tiny and a ws2812

Thanks in advance

(Adam Sharp) #2

My guess would be normal perspex or anything similar. It looks just heat formed into a loop (with a gap where it meets) with the LEDS fed into the ends to make it fluoresce.

Bit like Exit and other illuminated signs. Just feed the light source into an edge and the material acts like a light pipe. Polishing the edges will give a more even illumination.

(Kelvin Mead) #3

Polishing the edges (to clear) will lessen the effect. The edges need to be rough (buffed with sandpaper) so the light has something to terminate at.

Depending of course on the placement of the LEDs!

Acrylic (Perspex is a brand) is brittle though… You could also look at some hard make at home rubbers, I’m sure it’s available!

(Larry) #4

This stuff is flexable so it would not need any prep

(Brett Hansen) #5

it looks more like a type of clear rubber if you find it let me know cuz i really want some haha

(Simon Hermansen) #6

it is called “el wire”.

(Larry) #7

Lol @Simon_Hermansen I can promise you its defnely not el wire

(Simon Hermansen) #8

I’d also found it kind of wired that you didn’t thought of that. Is it defusing the light of a led?

(Larry) #9

I’ve been using el wire for about 3 years now its cool but not the effect I’m going for. Its simply a rubber/plastic that is defusing a single 3mm led that blinks. My ideal is to modify it for a ws2812