Anyone know what kind of inductive probe comes with a simple metal and how

(Matthew Del Rosso) #1

Anyone know what kind of inductive probe comes with a simple metal and how to connect it to a ramps 1.4? I tried to search online but everyone seemed to do it slightly differently and it would be a shame if I did it the wrong way and saw the magic black smoke. Thanks

(Griffin Paquette) #2

It’s an NPN type like this:

The reason people blow these up is because they don’t use a voltage divider which is necessary when not using a Printrboard. Tom has a great video on the proper setup for that on youtube. Aside from that it’s pretty simple. Just be weary as the colors of the wires do not file a logical polarity (I think black is signal and brown is GND with these sometimes.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #3

@Griffin_Paquette thanks!

(Griffin Paquette) #4

No prob! Also figured I would send this. Made it for a friend a couple days ago.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Thomas Cox) #5

Replacement smoke has been around for a long time.missing/deleted image from Google+

(Matthew Del Rosso) #6

I was going to mark it as spam till I realised the joke :joy:

(Griffin Paquette) #7

Hmm it’s made by Lucas so perhaps I should try it in my Triumph…

(Taylor Landry) #8

@Griffin_Paquette it’s worse, black is signal, blue is GND, Brown is V+.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #9

Ok so something odd happened. I wired it up and with 2 10k resistors the output was 6.8v. So I tried 1 4.7k + 2 10k’s and now it wont fire up anymore, every time I try to power the sensor the light wont come on like usual. these things can take 6-36v so how on earth did I burn it with 12v? unless Im missing something else