anyone know of a super cheapy 3d printer for mostly mockup design I do

anyone know of a super cheapy 3d printer for mostly mockup design I do NOT need durability or longevity or even functionality of the final pieces. I see a lot of independent projects, wondering if there’s a DIY out there for around a hundred give or take? I know you can get a decent one for $500 but I have no need for functional pieces, mostly to just demonstrate design concepts. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

What is hit budget then for machine.

around $100USD for printer is what I’m hoping to keep it at, or less if possible

I think you’ll be pushing to find anything decent with that budget, you should target $100 just for a couple of rolls of filament unless you’re using the cheap stuff.

Have you considered things like “Polymorph Plastic” aka “Friendly Plastic” for your prototyping needs?

if you have a little time, our Makibox is $ 200 plus shipping. You will not find a cheaper one (yet)

Not really the same thing but if you are really on a budget: – assuming your time isn’t worth much or you have cheap help, of course.

@dare_mick You need a minimum level of quality for being able to print at all - some parts are still quite expensive (relative to your 100$ budget) at that minimum quality. The Makibox imo even provides a quite good print quality for what it costs.
If you just need a couple pieces printed, there are services like shapeways that will print your designs for a fee. Some people from this community might also offer to print your files.

@John_Chan_Madox yeah I will be using a mix of glycerin, vinegar, water, and starch to make “bioplastic” or whatever you want to call it. It makes a nice cheap plastic that is biodegradable. I will not be using conventional filament. And for the other posters, thanks for the responses :slight_smile: I will look into all those as options. I’m currently using a cob jobbed glue gun along with different molds to make basic shapes. or (with the glue gun) I just lay down layers by hand. So the printer I’m looking for can literally be junk I don’t need anything fancy. I’m just making mock ups for design concepts. Thanks again for all the advice :slight_smile:

@Nils_Hitze do you work at this company? I checked out the website but didn’t see much for videos or pictures of the printer and printed objects. It’s interesting and I’d like to know more :slight_smile:

@dare_mick I work for Makible (as well as @Nils_Hitze ). If you have a look at our blog, we have quite a few videos. It’s still (considered) in development and we should be shipping our beta units any day now.

You can also have a look at @Jonathan_Buford 's youtube page for more videos and output.

You probably can check out the Scribble when we launch it later this month. It is basically a 3D printer without the printer. It allows you to draw with plastic, and will start at $100.

@Elliott_Polk I checked out +Jonathan Buford 's youtube page which was very helpful! :slight_smile: That seems to be pretty much what I’m looking for and $200 is pretty close to my budget. I will look into this more as you release Beta and fill orders. You seem to be doing well so far :slight_smile: