Anyone know of a breakout board for the BBB's I/O (P8 and P9 headers)

Anyone know of a breakout board for the BBB’s I/O (P8 and P9 headers) that has the pin numbers printed on the silkscreen? I find myself sometimes plugging a wire into the wrong socket on the header when I’m off by a pin or two. Luckily I’ve not fried anything yet :wink:

I’m thinking of making on with protection circuits too. I’ve seen some great paper printable overlays. I am sure some proto board must have a usable silkscreen.

oh proto cape… good idea. looks like one could solder female headers on the @Adafruit_Industries Proto Cape Kit for Beagle Bone and it does have the pin numbers printed on the silkscreen.

Forgot that does have numbers on it.

@Mark_Grosen yup, good call. just would need to order some female sockets to solder ontop of it.

Use the through hole headers from Major League recommended on the CircuitCo support wiki. The give female headers on top and are the right length to extend into the Black as well.

From page 105 of the SRM rev A5.6: Major League SSHQ-123-D-06-G-LF

SAM1204-23-ND is the digi-key part number. They are also available from adafruit, I’ve seen.

@David_Anders excellent!

Still need one with protection circuits for labs.