Anyone know if it possible to use Chilipeppr and TinyG with a 3d probe.

Anyone know if it possible to use Chilipeppr and TinyG with a 3d probe. I am wanting to duplicate a 3d object. I’ve seen this capability in Mach, but nothing in Chilipeppr so far.

I would start by forking the auto level widget and then add more axes of probing. Yes this is possible with some development work but following the design pattern from auto level

Thanks, John. I’ll look into forking it, never tried it, gonna be interesting!

There are some nice videos at the bottom of the Chilipeppr homepage to get you started.

I have a probe and will help by testing anything posted. I knew it could be done from the auto level so David, let me know if I can help.

Thanks Steve,
Which probe do you have? I’m looking in to buying one now.

I have some thingy that a client got off Ebay so I can’t recommend anything. They all look a lot alike and this one is more accurate than I thought it would be after testing it. I have not played with it much because I have no time to get into the code right now but we wanted to use it to align the work piece. The ability to shift the Gcode x and y coordinates like the Z for leveling would make it trivial to place the work close enough that no readjustment is needed as it’s currently done to align opposite sides. We are also looking at vision systems like OpenCV so the two issues are things we need to fully automate and run at night.

I was looking at one on eBay also, it could be the same one possibly. I own a holster company and wanting to use the probing function to probe and copy real handguns to make holster molds of them. This definitely looks possible, now to find the time and start working on a fork!

Yes, it is possible. Too bad Chilipeppr has no crowd funding for contributors. It is on the edge of being a very open platform for all of IoT. The GPIO and Serial port servers are just so killer all by themselves. The GPIO widget alone could be a whole configurable app to run everything remotely. Not sure where this is going but the more talented people working on it the more it seems to be morphing into a focal point for the whole maker movement. FUN!

@Steve_Anken I couldn’t agree more. ChiliPeppr is taking on a huge life of it’s own and indeed there are tons of contributors these days. Just take @Todd_Fleming 's recent additions for dragging in STL objects to generate milling paths. Amazing stuff is happening.

I’ve been saying for a while that Chilipeppr could use a team of full time developers. But we all contribute when we can when we have time. And yeah, it’s gotten really big.

Looking at some widget code I see hard coded string literals. I looked briefly at the GPIO and autoleveling code.

I think the essence of the auto level widget is that it process a grid of points in the real world and generates a 3d mesh from it. That’s really all you want to do. Duo you can use the same technique. The difference for you is that you don’t just want to probe a 2d surface, rather you want to probe from 4 sides or from a cylinder shape wrapping your object or perhaps think about probing from a cube shape wrapped around your object.