Anyone know how to stop the Serial Port Console filling up with data values?

Anyone know how to stop the Serial Port Console filling up with data values? When no action is happening the following data values, ‘G0 G54 G17 G21 G90 G94 M0 M5 M9 T0 F450 S0’ keep repeating to the Serial Port Console and stop you querying any other info, i.e. when you type ‘$$’ to view your parameters, they are scrolled up and off the top of the screen before you’ve had a chance to digest them. I’ve attached a screen shot showing the entire console filling up with repeating values.
I’m running GRBL (I thought I was on 1.1 although it reports 0.9i) and running in the jpadie workspace.
Thanks Johnhh

It might be that you have an older build of SPJS. It’s currently at 1.94 and it looks like you’re using 1.88. I understand the newer builds filter redundant status output.

@John_Knoll Thanks for getting back to me on this one John, but upgrading to V1.94 didn’t make any difference. I still get that same line of data repeating over and over again and filling up the entire Serial Port Console window.
The ‘No Entry’ and the ‘Funnel’ icons, I think, are supposed to turn off and reduce the amount of feedback received into the Serial Port Console, but neither makes any difference at all.
The system had been working really well up until a few weeks ago before that time when the entire system was crashed.
ChiliPeppr is a good product, I really like it, but it’s almost unusable because of its unreliability.

The filter in the serial port console did get changed a bit to solve some other problems. Maybe that caused this. What does the filter regular expression say if you hover over the funnel icon?

Part of the challenge with Grbl is that it runs on such a low-end processor that the client software has to keep asking it for reports over and over, rather than having Grbl just send data when it’s necessary or changed.

@jlauer Hi John, the regular expression says /^ok|^\n/
I can get it to stop repeatedly filling up the Serial Port Console window if I, (a) DESELECT the Check Box in the ‘Port List’ next my current entry (COM8 – GRBL – 115,200 Baud Rate), (b) wait a few seconds, then © SELECT the Check Box next to my current entry once more.
If I then enter ‘$$’ to list my parameters in the Console window, the parameters lists fine and the repeating stops.

Yes, I think I’ve been getting that too some

I figured it was something that just came with grbl

@George_Allen No it never did that prior to that major crash that happened a few weeks ago.
When the ‘jpadie’ workspace was released and we got that notification about ’all GRBL users should now be using jpadie workspace’ everything worked great. I wonder if they could just reload the jpadie, may be that would fix it.

Reload the workspace in your browser and then try running this macro. It will enhance the regular expression in the serial port funnel icon. In fact, to make sure it took it, float over the funnel icon to see the regexp before you run the macro. Then run the macro and you should see the new value.

function(sp) {

The oddity here is that from memory spjs filters out repeats. But perhaps it only does this for positional information.

I believe what SPJS does inside the Grbl buffer is throw away repeat position lines <> but if there’s a delta it passes it along. That’s all it does. So those square bracket [] lines go right through.

@jlauer Thanks John, just one more question; “how do I run the macro?”….

In the macro widget

@jlauer Thanks once again – that worked fine – plus I learned how to run a macro….

I will add that to the grbl 1 workspace.