Anyone know how i can get a copy of corel laser draw?

Anyone know how i can get a copy of corel laser draw? i reformatted my computer and try to reinstall it and can not get it to work.

Is there any other software that will work with a stock k40?

You will need to install Corel first then install the Corel laser plugin I think @Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ has a Dropbox link for it somewhere

I’ve got a link for CorelLaser 2013.02 plugin ( & Corel X7 on OneDrive (!AqT6a-6Vl15Nh7lqpg7o6Ap5MGg1aQ).

When I downloaded the program, it was for a 30 day trial. I have not connected the laser as I am just learning to make designs on it first, but it is a ton better than laserdraw. Which coreldraw suite do I need to purchase so I can use it with the k40 past the 30 day window? Thanks in advance!

@Matthew_Wilson Any version of CorelDraw that is not Home & Student up to x8 seems to work from all reports here. For whatever reason, home & student versions don’t work. Have a read back through past posts for further verification. However, for probably cheaper than the price of the CorelDraw suite, you can purchase a replacement controller board (Arduino?, Smoothie, Cohesion3D, etc) & utilise the open-source LaserWeb software (which is fantastic).