Anyone know a good brand of clear PLA?

(Adam Steinmark) #1

Anyone know a good brand of clear PLA? The best was my sample Printrbot sent me with my printer but their shipping is too high. I was using this but it keeps clogging on me.

(Whosawhatsis) #2

Are you looking for clarity or printability?

(Adam Steinmark) #3

@Whosa_whatsis an easily printable clear (or mostly clear) filament.

(Whosawhatsis) #4

The filament from Esun (Toybuilder, etc.) is, in my opinion, the most easily printable, but their natural filament doesn’t have the best clarity. Printbl (3mm only) or Taulman PLA will have much better clarity, but will not be as resistant to jamming (particularly in all-metal hot ends).

If you need higher clarity, you might consider using PET instead.

(Tomáš Vít) #5

Very clear and not yellow (PLA called “Crystal Clear”) is from (EU brand).