Anyone interested to make a RC lawnmower cutter unit?

Anyone interested to make a RC lawnmower cutter unit? I have planned to mount in on a Basilisk type crawler with 6 ch radio. The project is currently at this point where the transmission, motor, battery and ESC needs to be selected… I have currently very little time for this project as I´m concentrating on FPV & flying things. I have the files in SolidWorks 2012 format.

btw. I think I will scale the Craig´s “thing” to replace the lawnmover crawler´s tires :slight_smile:

Nice way to get the kids interested in cutting the lawn! lol

How big is this? I was thinking of modifying an old electric wheel chair, but this looks a lot nicer.

@Simon_Day I have a idea to protect fingers (and blades from stones). It is necessary if kids use it or are playing around, but I have not made a 3D model of the cover yet, but it is very simple. Same kind of idea that the berrypicker has. It allows the grass bypass the cover but prevents fingers to reach the blade

@Russ_R The cutting width is 370 mm. Cutter unit is a bit modified and scaled from this
And here is pictures of the crawler I´m planning to mount it on

That’s a cool idea. I took the easy route and just RC’d a rear wheel drive self propelled.