Anyone in US interested to get their hands on "Dauerdruckplatte" aluminum PEI coated with

(Step Cia) #1

Anyone in US interested to get their hands on “Dauerdruckplatte” aluminum PEI coated with red colored finish? I actually just want one for myself but the supplier in German has minimum order of 5 plates… the plate is for prusa i3 so would fit MK2 pcb heater dimension

plate dimension 216mm x 216mm x 5mm with holes 209x209 mm apart square total shipped to california 260 Euro
Let me know if there’s enough interest

3 spot left.

(Evan Nguyen) #2

How much per? I was going to make one myself

(René Jurack) #3

at min 5? Didn’t you talk to Frank?

(Step Cia) #4

I did get one already. But now I want one with red color… :slight_smile: and he wants min. 5

(René Jurack) #5

Yeah, coloring is really sophisticated. And it doesn’t pay for itself with only one piece…

(Step Cia) #6

@Evan_Nguyen I’ll update the post when I get the pricing.

(Step Cia) #7

post updated with price

(Evan Nguyen) #8

~$56 per plate? I guess I’m good for one.

(Step Cia) #9

Yup roughly the same cost with mine right now with no color.

(Step Cia) #10

I’ll pay for everything first until it arrives in my hand, I’ll post a picture and then you guys can paypal me later

(Hakan Evirgen) #11

@Step_Cia where do you order that? It is very expensive. Look at these products:

AFAIK it is better quality and support is very good and they should be cheaper (also shipping to USA).

I myself had a Filaprint and it was very good. After I sold my printer, I am now planning on getting a Filabase as new printer has no heatbed.

(René Jurack) #12

@Hakan_Evirgen filafarm products are completely different. They still sell PEI-Sheets or CFK/GFK with PEI Sheets glued on. And the other one product they sell, their so called “precision-plates”, are totally the same as @Step_Cia mentioned above, with nearly the same pricetag. Not to mention, that they jumped on the train very late…

(Hakan Evirgen) #13

@Rene_Jurack can you explain this more in detail? Until now I had only Filaprint. So I do not know, what else is there and what is best suitable for what.

(René Jurack) #14

@Hakan_Evirgen Imagine all the pro’s of your experience with filaprint and add to this a perfectly machined flatness, rigidness and also the possibility of automatic contact-free bedleveling. Furthermore add better energy efficiency when heated and longer durability.

(Hakan Evirgen) #15

@Rene_Jurack so then what would you recommend for me? For a couple of days I have the bq Prusa i3 Hephestos 2, which has print bed of A4 size and does not have a heated bed. So I want to have a heated bed for it as well as permanent printing plate/coating/whatever. And where to buy in Europe?

(James Kao) #16

Cool. If i didn’t care about the color but needed a PEI coated alu plate in 300x300mm for a Lulzbot Taz, where would be the best place to find one for shipment to the US?

(Step Cia) #17

@James_Kao ​ last time I got my plate shipped from

(Step Cia) #18

could not wait for 5 plates so I asked if they can send me 2 plates. here you go just got it today.

cost is higher though $72 each plate so @Evan_Nguyen I won’t hold you if you decide not to go through. Let me know I will offer it to someone else. thx

(Evan Nguyen) #19

That’s a little steep. Let me think about it. If you find a buyer for it go ahead. I’m not dying need of one.