Anyone in the open source community selling a good MBI/QUBD-compatible 5mm-bore extruder drive gear?

Anyone in the open source community selling a good MBI/QUBD-compatible 5mm-bore extruder drive gear? While I like the QU-BD extruders, they cheaped-out on the drive gear and I’m seeing lots of problems with them. Our Tatsu drive gears work great, but we only have a few 5mm-bore ones for testing (normally 6mm bore for a geared extruder). MBI’s gears, though better, don’t have a tooth profile much better any better than the Adrian’s extruder-style toothed inserts, and I’d hate to send business their way now that they’ve withdrawn from the open source community. The mini hyena has a better tooth profile, but they tend to be flat in the valleys, and don’t seem to be available anymore anyways. What other alternatives am I missing?

Have you tried Type A Machine’s extruder gear? It’s a 5mm bore and their extruder setup is super reliable. I bought one from them but haven’t used it yet.

I saw it in NY, and it looked good, but it has a much smaller OD in order to work with a lower-torque nema 14 motor, so it’s not compatible with the other extruders.

I was excited to see that extruder when they told me it was based on my design. I had even calculated that a enema 14 extruder would work with a drive gear that size, but hadn’t had time to try it, so I was glad to see someone had.

blddk on irc sells them also i am using from and they are ok. but can be better. but better than what qu-bd is offering.

Ordered. Really wan’t to try a lighter extruder than Wade.

I thought I saw @Michael_Andresen posting pics of making a bunch of them, but couldn’t find anywhere they were being sold. Only through irc? was another one I was trying to remember. It appears to be a straight-up clone of the MBI gear, but with MBI’s stuff now closed-source and (as always) overpriced, I have no problem with buying clones.

The are sold here too and some time after newyear when I get time to make a bath for them, they will most likely also be sold here but they are not QUBD-compatible, QUBD is using a smaller drive than MBI afaik…

Nope, it’s the same size. Our gears are actually slightly larger than MBI (about .44mm greater effective diameter), and they work great in the QU-BD.

ah talking about the new ones… mine are made to the same dimension as the old ones from their tom

With the 6mm bore? The outer diameter of all of the MBI gears are the same, it’s only the inner diameter thats different. What motors are you making your gears for?

do you have qu-bd extruder? is drivegear only problem?