Anyone in Atlanta or somewhere in the US have a home sized filament extruder

Anyone in Atlanta or somewhere in the US have a home sized filament extruder (filastruder style)? I want to make some small spools of around 250g filament as I don’t usually want to carry around a kg spool but still want it on a roll. Any tips on making it or does anyone have that as a service??

I have a Filastruder I still haven’t assembled and a ton of used reels. I guess I could be convinced to assemble it this weekend and get it running :slight_smile:

You might check out M3D. Their spool holder is supposedly under the bed, so they might sell smaller spools of filament specifically for that purpose. You could also try Taulman which I believe also has smaller spools, though that might just be for specialty filaments.

Why not make an axle and handle setup, and hand crank small amounts from a big roll onto used spools?

Ive seen that one too. I dont know if I want to build one from scratch or buy one like a filastruder. Im thinking it would be easier if I just make the fialment at home and wind it to rolls the size I need.

Exactly @Nathan_Walkner . I think I can get some cheap enough. I don’t want to make kilo spools but more like .25 kilo. Just to be able to carry wth a travel printer. A kilo is just too much to lug around and I like to have two or more colors.

Again, give me a reason to assemble the Filastruder. It is currently #6 in my queue

@Samer_Najia I think it would be difficult to order small spools like what I want. Do you have a Kickstarter one? I might consider purchasing one as a kit…

No, mine is post Kickstarter. I was suggesting that I build it and see if I can make filament for you.

@Griffin_Paquette When I was interested in a filament extruder, I found a good source for pellets,
This place has good prices, and you can get bundles of plastic and colorant.