Anyone here want to test out our new J-heads?

(Shai Schechter) #1

Anyone here want to test out our new J-heads? At the moment I only have 2 samples I can ship out. This offer is only for those who currently use a J-head so that they can easily swap it out and test it, because we need results ASAP so we can start production.

Note: Our j-heads are designed to fit a slot that is 6mm wide (i.e. baltic birch wood), unlike Brian’s J-head that’s designed for 4mm wide plastic, so please make sure you can mount it. It is also set up for Bowden. Everything you need will be included, thermistor, heater cartridge, and push fit, so that all the parts are identical to what we will ship with it… and we ask you use our thermistor/heater only for testing :slight_smile:

These 2 samples would go for $20 since they haven’t been tested yet, free shipping to U.S priority flat mail.

(Mike Miller) #2

I’ve got a J-head compatible mount (currently running a v5 e3d)

(Jason Linhart) #3

I’m interested. How can I contact you?

(Evan Nguyen) #4

I’ll try it. Let me know

(MoserLabs) #5

I can use one for my mendel. My j-head is in sad, sad shape…

(Shai Schechter) #6

@Michael_Stockdale Yep, I’m the founder :wink:

(Quincy Trott) #7

I would love to give it a shot

(Jason Linhart) #8

Has anyone heard back from Shai?

(Shai Schechter) #9

Sorry for not responding sooner! Shipped out both samples already. More on the way! Will comment here once they show up.