Anyone here used ramps 1.4 or other common 3d printer Arduino shield for CNC

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Anyone here used ramps 1.4 or other common 3d printer Arduino shield for CNC milling or lathing? I have extra as my CNC experience is all reprap related. I want to build a CNC mill/router capable of any material. And was looking to see if any host software and/or firmware for the shield was available for components I already have. I have heard skeinforge and marlin but am looking to those more experienced for advice

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@Auzze_Auzze The Grbl shield is a good choice if you already have ramps it would be cheper to use the RAMPS. I think @Mat_Helm Would be able to help you. He has recently done one with GRBL shield recently. I am also looking for a RAMPS based design

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I didn’t use the ramps 1.4, just a UNO and a shield like the one posted by @Auzze_Auzze , with DRV8825 drivers.

And to be clear, I have just wired up the electronics to some nema 23’s, not built an actual CNC… yet

But the “Any Material” thing is a tall order. To accomplish that, you’re most likely going to be converting a mill as apposed to building one. Plus I have my doubts about using arduino tech for anything heavy duty. Just from a current standpoint, it would be cooking.

Checkout @Daniel_Would 's blog and post here. I think he has the most experience with arduino and CNC work.

Keep in mind though that in the post right next to your’s here, he is looking to change out his electronics to a parallel port type setup…

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@Mat_Helm The RAMPS and the GRBL shied are some what similar since both are same in design in turn we can use the GRBL sketch on RAMPS. But the major advantage ot RAMPS is the larger no of additional ports and expansion devices.

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One thing I would mention, the Pololu style drivers don’t seem to be up to the task of driving more than about 2A or so. 2A is not going be “capable of any material” unless you have a relatively thin max thickness on your harder materials.

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@D_Rob This might be useful for you

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one more

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thanks guys. first day in the community and feel like family. if yall need 3d print help come see us in the ingentis community and 3d printing community

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Thats Great @D_Rob I was actually looking for someone with experince in 3d printing i have prusa its killing me now…

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id like to reccomend a tantillus or ingentis style. these are based on the ultimaker designs


i wonder about that post / genaraly i use ramps it depends allways on material tool and accuracy which one i select / but this is only my meaning and the meanig of some experts / but what i know?

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Tinyg can do good current and u can use external drivers too

Also go liquid cooled on the head