Anyone here try loches x axis upgrade?

Anyone here try loches x axis upgrade?

Another day, another person thinking that fixing the leadscrews in place is an upgrade.

relocating the top rails and lifting the lead screw to expose thread that was going unused. it’s working with what you already have. i was just curious how well it works

I didn’t really look into the other changes, I just immediately noticed that the Z-screws are locked in place at the bottom, something which has been shown time and time again to be a really bad idea!

It also looks like it’s going to make the flimsy triangular frame even wobblier than it already is - if you’re fine printing at an average speed of about 10mm/sec, then go for it.

I printed these, but I can’t take apart my working prusa to test. I suspect it’d be more wobbly if it’s taller like this. Then I just want an i3 upgrade instead.

I’ve started printing these. crappy bridging and forgot to support some of the parts so I have to reprint.

I don’t put the bearing in the bottom, so the z threaded rod is free to roam as sees fit. Being that I’ve bent my Z rods, it wanders a lot. Gonna swap out my Zs with the bottom pair of cross rods.

I’ve asked some of the thingiverse peeps who printed it, and they like it.

I swapped my Z rods for 5/16" threaded. Apparently metric is much better… I also let them wander unconstrained at the bottom, and they’re a little bent. The prints still come out great.