anyone here familiar with an hc-05 bt?

anyone here familiar with an hc-05 bt? mine wont completely pair it blinks twice when connected to android and once when its on a pc but i cant transfer i have everything correct

Not familiar with that one, but … what are you trying to transfer?

Windows 7 support for that particular device is flaky at best. I had MANY issues getting it to pair with win7, zero with android, zero with mac.

im using windows 8 and android im really not trying to even transfer yet mostly just want a solid red right now then ill go from there

am i looking at it wrong?

am i looking at it wrong?
Maybe you are, and it just doesn’t like you looking at it that way … :slight_smile:

haha that was good well maybe ill just put sunglasses on so it doesnt know how im looking at it

Like I said, I don’t have any thing to say about that module because I’ve never used it, but would you happen to have another non-Win8 machine that you could test it on? Just trying to eliminate the possibility that the OS is screwing with you (which wouldn’t surprise me.)

The BT dongle that came with my UDOO at first was giving me headaches till I realized that Win7 requires the actual app to be opened and set to listen before it receives anything. Without it, it just pops up this very cryptic message that’s neither here nor there. Took me the better part of 4 hours to figure that out. Damn thing communicates, pairs and all, was able to send, but would never receive.

i do have another machine that is running 7 haha ill try that thanks

For the record, a co-worker brought in a brand new ASUS laptop with Win8 on it to be configured and what not. I’m about to throw the thing out the window, not for the hardware, but because Win8 is such a big piece of horse dung! What a waste of my time. Unfortunately, I can’t put anything else on it, so either I’m fighting this, or I’m finding a way to downgrade it to Win7 - but then I have to deal with all the bloody drivers and crap.

yeah im debating on windows 7 again cuz it came with 7 but i upgraded to try and fix speed problems that ended up being the hd so i have an ssd now and debating on going to windows 7 again

It’s been sitting here for the better part of a half an hour, telling me it’s downloading 1 update. It says it’s 0 KB total, 0% complete. The update I picked is 545KB by the way. The bar is just moving back and forth. Yet, the SoftwareDistribution folder is growing … currently at 1.5GB. WTF?