Anyone her order the Shapeoko3?

Anyone her order the Shapeoko3? I cant wait for mine to come in.

Yep I did hopefully it will come soon

Yes me too. My 1st CNC, wondering what accessories will come later, amd hoping its got everything I need to get up and running.

yes I did and cant wait

my first cnc also, ive been looking at 4th axis add ons, but wanna learn the software first,

@Andrew_Spurgeon its like a lathe but uses a stepper motor to spin the wood. it allows you to make full 3d objects.

oh ah…where do I sign?

i fo,und them on ebay and maybe amazon for like 150, but i wanna program the gcode before buying 1. but i dont think aspire does 4th axis milling and its the best i found for learning.

Aspire actually had a gadget for round models and theres a video on youtube.