Anyone heard about this one from World Semi? WS2836 ?

Anyone heard about this one from World Semi? WS2836 ? This is from their catalog. The Picture is the new WS2812-2020 pixel, but the catalog claims these do not need a data line! They are individually addressed(HOW?) and you drive them via power(Again how?) any one heard or seen anything?

Interesting! I’d assume this works in a similar way to other data over power technologies. There’s a few variations around. Will be interested to see how easy this is to drive from our standard microcontrollers, I’m assuming some additional hardware will be needed.

10khz data rate? That’s what, a bit over 400 24-bit led updates per second. You can drive your 20 pixel strip at a whopping 20fps…

My guess is that the color kinetics patents for power line led data transmission finally expired.

@Daniel_Garcia Yeah I’m curious whether they mean the data rate is 10khz or the PWM transfer frequency is 10khz? Very keen to see the details

It says “10khz transfer frequency” - that’s likely the data rate.

@Daniel_Garcia Right than thats pretty shit. I wonder if that whole listing is just a mistake? I cant find any info and their rep is being tight lipped about it

That data rate has its uses in many more industrial or design settings I am sure. Just not that great for Blinky heads like us :wink:

Anyone have find similar products to World Semi WS2836 ?