Anyone having issues getting the A Axis to report its position in CP?

Anyone having issues getting the A Axis to report its position in CP? In the firmware I have enabled/added x,y,z,a & b in both pos(axis) and mpos(axis) with-in SR. When I connect to TinyG(2), via a terminal app, I can see it reporting the all axis’ perfectly, But in CP It’s seems to only grab xyx and ignores the rest.

Manually add it to the sr request

Hrmm even though, In the firmware I made to the change to report those axis? (both a & b) where not in the ##define STATUS_REPORT_DEFAULTS (I added them). And as I said, It starts reporting those axis via a terminal console.

Oh, you mean you just aren’t visually seeing the A in CP? That’s cuz you need to turn on the A axis in the triangle menu in the upper right corner of the Axis widget.

Right. That’s there. But its not showing the pos.

Well, not sure if it’s related, but I had to rollback a change from this
weekened where I was requesting the A position in the status reports by
default. I was finding that it was crashing some folks’ TinyG’s because
there were too many items being stacked into the status request. So, is it
possible you are seeing the same thing?

Huh okay. Well gcode with A in still works. Just can’t see the wpos/mpos data. It was handy to see. i.e. while calibrating it. I guess I am trying to use ‘advanced’ features/additional axis’ that no one else uses. shrug

Can you post a screenshot or video? I just can’t figure out what you’re
talking about.

In the console I get
"{“sr”:{“line”:0,“posx”:104.140,“posy”:4.000,“posz”:-34.326,“posa:163.159”, “posb:0.0”,“vel”:0.00,“unit”:1,“stat”:3,“feed”:1270.00,“coor”:1,“momo”:0,“plan”:0,“path”:2,“gc”:“G90”,“dist”:0}}

If I query posa alone I get
“A position: 163.159 deg”

But A in the on-screen DRO shows “0.000”

According to what you pasted, that is unparseable JSON around the posa and
posb values. If you look at it the double quote " should only be around the
posa word. Instead the " goes til after the float value. The browser would
interpret that as one name with no value being given. So of course it sees
no “posa” value rather it sees “posa:163.159” as the name. So there is
something massively wrong with your firmware if that’s exactly what you’re
getting back.

When I get home I’ll cut and paste the exact syntax. I figured typing from memory would had been helpful and same some time. Sorry.