Anyone have recommendations on places to get ABS filament?  I'm looking a few on

Anyone have recommendations on places to get ABS filament? I’m looking a few on Amazon, but none of them seem to have consistent reviews. Orange would be a plus!

Lulzbot do a great bright orange, - probably not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

It would help to know what country you mean to ship to. For example, I’m in Australia, and most advice to Americans about where to buy filament gets flipped on its head when you factor in shipping. Some American suppliers don’t even ship here. The advice I could give you would be useless outside of Australia or New Zealand.

Sorry, I’m in the US and am looking for 1.75MM

I have no idea about US suppliers, sorry. A question for someone else to field.

reprapper is good. i get mine off ebay

You can’t rally to wrong with protoparadigm. Recently they’ve had spools for 35usd but the shipping is 15 bucks for some reason though. Definitely don’t get cheap filament unless you’re willing to yell and swear a lot. You made a good decision in heeding the reviews

I really like the all the filament from they are really quick about sending your order out

@D_Rob Which seller? Seems to be a few.

My favorite is - they have a nice bright orange, sell 5 pound spools and the filament is very uniform.

I usually get the cheapest. No problems so far and if you look at my album those prints are with the reprapper blue glow in the dark 3mm filament. Been getting it for around 26 a kilo and awesome prints. @Tim_Rastall also said there was a good abs on Aliexpress I think wanhao? Tim please chime in of my memory fails me