Anyone have coreldraw 5x with working keygen.  I had to reinstall my pc and

Anyone have coreldraw 5x with working keygen. I had to reinstall my pc and i cant seem to install anymore. I may have to reinstall it for thirty days.

The copy I had is a dud now, I am now using x7 with working Keygen.

It’s a 1.52gb download for the x7 trial version, then a 376kb for the keygen.exe. I have them both hosted in my OneDrive (ran out of space in dropbox).!AqT6a-6Vl15Nh7lqpg7o6Ap5MGg1aQ

Doesn’t it ask for email all the time. How long have you been using it. ?

@Tony_Schelts x7 ask for email? I never put email in. I also blocked the application in windows firewall. So it asks me for nothing. I’ve had it installed for about 1 week now, but I haven’t been lasering of late, so can’t comment much on anything else to do with it.

Ok Thanks

I am a proud supporter of Opensource software and hardware.But I also believe in copyright law. Why not buy a licensed copy of CoreDraw, it is not that expensive. Especially if you are using it for commercial uses, ie designing products or creating tool paths etc. Using a version that is not licensed no matter what the end use IS STEALING!!! Wat would you do if Corel Corp came to your hose and stole your computer, giving the excuse that I will only use it once in a while, and I won’t be using your computer to make money, only to “Test” it, or just to play with it. And @StephaneBUISSON , allowing these posts on your K40 is placing you in the position of being culpable in these software thefts. There are alternatives to stealing software, like using open source software like Inkscape.

@funinthefalls Whilst I agree with copyright law on all of this, unfortunately we’ve all been diddled from day 1 regarding the stock hardware & software (the pirate version shipped with CorelLaser plugin). Personally that is the reason I am doing the upgrade to Smoothie. I think you’re right though that we shouldn’t post these kind of things publicly & I will stop sharing links in the community here for it :slight_smile:

Extending the Corel stealing your computer scenario, you rationalize the software theft by blaming the laser manufacturer for screwing you on the software. Like saying that someone told corel they would get a computer for free, but do not get one that isnt stolen, so they steal yours but blame it on the pther company so it is Ok to steal yours.

I understand what your saying, but purchased x7 home and office before i found out the plug in wouldnt work. I bought it because i wanted to be above board, I live on certain amount of benefits so I perhaps wrongly justified to myself that it should be fine. I do agree that It would be best to not give this useful group a reputation for sharing pirate software.

I would like a copy with keygen if someone has it.

How is it going with Corel plugin now, any troubles?