Anyone have any tips for settings on support that make it actually removable with

Anyone have any tips for settings on support that make it actually removable with slic3r? I have some parts I printed for my new corexy. Concept that I don’t think I’ll be able to use because o can’t get the support off.

Cura works better with support.

Build custom support using mesh mixer. Free software. Absolute worst UI I have ever played with. But effective an easy to remove. Just don’t print too fast if you make the columns a small od.

KISSlice has settings that can be made to work too, I’m just not sure what they specifically are. :smiley:

@Eclsnowman I played with mesh mixer a bit a while back but couldn’t figure it out ( I didn’t try to hard). Do you use it for slicing too?

In advanced settings, reduce your extrusion width for the interface layers to a value just below your minimum usable width. Try a few values on the same print till you find one that works. Always worked for me.

@Joe_Spanier no to slicing. Just exported the stl and sliced in cura.

I started playing with it last night. Im glad you said something because I had written it off completely. After I took some time to look at it Im pretty excited about its support structure. Im going to try it and cura tonight. I feel like Slic3r has been broken for the last 3 months. It takes hours to slice simple models on a i7 laptop where cura just took seconds.

@Joe_Spanier I just hate the way meshmixer orients parts. I have not found how to manually orient and I can never get the mouse rotation to the proper angle.

@Joe_Spanier looks like they improved orientation with an update. meshmixer08 update 2:

man there are alot of cool tools now. Thanks for the video!

Giving meshmixer a spin now. Thanks for the link.