Anyone have any thoughts on building a printer to be as quiet as possible?

Anyone have any thoughts on building a printer to be as quiet as possible? I’ve always been envious of how quiet an Ultimaker 2 can be, what can I do to achieve that with a Eustathios?

Cooling. e3d’s want constant-on cooling with PLA…and the fan blowing across the controller to keep things cool.

So if you had good passive heatsinks on the motor drivers, and print ABS, you could get rid of a lot of noise. (Than and ensuring the reference voltage is enough to not skip steps and not a millivolt more)

Dampers on the stepper motors cut down on the noise a lot. It’s made a big difference on my HercuLien

Part of it is dampening the resonation of the motors and frame, which can be done by changing the resonant frequency of the frame to be low enough that you can’t hear it, and part of it is changing the way the steppers work to decrease direct motor noise.

Drivers based on the Trinamic TMC2100 are surprisingly quiet.

DC Servos + closed loop control will surely help to lower some few decibels. Take a look at the work @Miguel_Sanchez is doing with some help of @Mauro_Manco .

@Michael_Memeteau I can confirm the noise reduction when switching to closed-loop DC motors, but it could be even quieter once I manage to get the speed under control while moving. But part of the problem is that I wanted to keep compatibility with step & direction signals for ease of use, but speed is only implicit on step signal and measuring it accurately while keeping the loop running is easier to say than to do.

So, still WIP I guess. Given your talent and motivation, I’m sure a solution isn’t that far in the pipeline… :wink:

TMC2100 stepper drivers + IGUS bushings eliminate most noise from motion. I’m currently working on reducing fan noise.