Anyone have an opinion on this heated bed,

Anyone have an opinion on this heated bed, or just happen to know if it works with an XMachines Lorei?
Or perhaps someone has a better suggestion?

I recently started printing with PETG and LOVE the stuff, but I can’t control the warping very well. I expect a heated bed to help solve warpage and am eager to get one.

Build plate is 12"x12", glass on a metal underplate, and it uses 3 point sensor based auto leveling. I suppose I don’t need the full bed to be heated though…

How were you able to get one of those? I thought they never shipped to the backers.

@Adam_Steinmark ​​
I didn’t get one. Just read the review and thought it might be good. Never shipped? Sucky. Now I gotta find myself another heated bed option :frowning:

Sorry for confusion, I thought you meant the heated bed. It’s 2am here and I need some sleep!!

XMachines shipped a few dozen printers. I was one of those lucky few. Didn’t opt for the heated bed though and regret that now.

We got one and Nathan seems pleased with it. They will also be releasing some other stuff from that company very soon.

it has only 115W. And I have bad memories of me, waiting ages on my first printer that had a 200W heated bed, what is nearly double the power.

@Alex_Skoruppa 500w mains powered; sounds great. Got any particular products in mind?

@Hakan_Fagnell_3DPrin ​ do you know of any mains powered heated beds worth recommending? Have you reviewed any? I browsed a bit, didn’t see any on your site.

Mains powered might be best; I suspect I’d have to enable heated bed options in the firmware (reflash the board) and the company went bust so I’ve got no support from them. I’m a computer engineer and can likely recover from a bad flash without support, but I’m not eager to spin my own clone PCB in case the failure turns out catastrophic (e.g. massive over current burning out an onboard amp)

@Alex_Skoruppa thanks!!