Anyone have an idea as to why these lines aren't straight??

Anyone have an idea as to why these lines aren’t straight?? I cant see any reason as to why they wouldn’t be. It happens all the way up the print on the outside especially. Would like to get smooth lines like my other Frankenbot sitting here.

Had a bad jam and switched out the nozzle. Old one printed great!

Are you talking about how the top of the infill doesn’t seem to be smooth?

@ThantiK sorry I was pretty vague about it. It seems to be very shaky back and forth throughout. Like on perimeters its wavy. Doesn’t seem to be any resonance in the frame.

try reducing accel

It’s moisture trapped in the filament.
Is it brittle?

Nope! Filament works great on all other printers!!

If it’s an E3dV6, check that the heatbreak is tight in the heatsink and in the heater block. Mine would unscrew itself until I got some heatsink compound on the heatbreak threads (heatsink end only).

It to looks like moisture to me

@Alex_Xiang shoot me an email

More extrusion temp?