Anyone have a recommendation for a 3mm Bowden extruder?

Anyone have a recommendation for a 3mm Bowden extruder? I’m leaning towards @Richard_Horne 's Gregs Wades version. I’ll have to make a couple of changes to make it compatible with 3mm Filament but other than that, it looks good.

@Loren_Brandenburg Yeah, I looked at those, but I’d prefer to print my own as I’m burning through money buying hardware for the BIG Tantillus project. On top of that, from what I read, it’s necessary to use a large gear off the Stepper in order to get a reliable extrusion distance <= to extrusion width, which is what I’m looking for for this extruder. Thanks for the input though :slight_smile:

@Tim_Rastall Woodsmoke made a 3mm version from my original 1.75 -

And very nice work on the BIG tantillus - give me a shout if you want a beta tester! I would love to build one.

@Richard_Horne Cheers for the heads up on that extruder, one less thing for me to do :). Would be chuffed to see someone else build the T-Rex (see what I did there?). I’m just trying to make sure I haven’t made any fundamental errors before sticking it on Github. Sublime hasn’t told me I’m flogging a dead horse yet so I’m cautiously optimistic at this stage.