Anyone have a Lightburn library for the K40.

(Timothy Rothman) #1

Anyone have a Lightburn library for the K40. It would be great to have some starting point.

(adrian) #2

Lightburn don’t recommend it as the K40 control board has no laser power control commands. It probably makes sense to upgrade it with a grbl or similar controller.

(James Rivera) #3

What are you expecting from a LightBurn “library”?

(Timothy Rothman) #4

Hi James… Basic settings aligned to what a typical K40 would do. I know there is a range of settings and each machine varies, but we should have a baseline that we can refer to in order to assess whether we need to clean mirrors, perform alignment or change the tube. I understand mileage may vary.

(James Rivera) #5

@Timothy_Rothman I don’t think such a thing exists. That information is available in this group though (i.e. stock cutting size). Stuff like alignment or cutting settings are also available here, but are really more related to each machine as they are often different. Basically, what you want seems more like information about how to use it than anything software can just “do for you”.

(Timothy Rothman) #6

I just want a baseline. I suspect your machine (@James_Rivera ) is a little different due to the lens setup. I also have a LightObject upgraded lens as do many others. Yes there are many types of setups, but definitely a lot of commonality.
Like I said just want a baseline. Even if it’s a consolidated table… just asked for a library to facilitate sharing.