Anyone have a design for the standard herculien Of the part cooling fan shroud/guide?

Anyone have a design for the standard herculien

Of the part cooling fan shroud/guide?

The current simple box shaped one is falling off constantly. Also isn’t directional enough and keeps lowering the hotend to the emergency cutoff limit.

Even without emergency cutoff. And temp set to 230. The hotend can’t keep up. And I’m using the upgrade 24v cartridge too :frowning: it kept falling under 190c

Are you using a 30W or 40W heater?

Currently 40w
Have used the 25w(24v oddly doesn’t have 30w).

And same story. Was just more dramatic

Yeah, cooling solution on HercuLien was never something I was proud of. Just could never come up with a better solution.

Mine prints almost exclusively ABS so it was never a big problem.

Maybe take a look at the @Zane_Baird ​ carriage and fan ducts.

The ducts on my carriage still don’t perform as well as I’d like. Making a better version is on my list of things to do… I need a solution that works as well as the duct I made for the Tria. That works better than I would have hoped.

Atm. Carriage swapping is a no no. I had to beat my rods into place. I’m not sure if I can get them out to swap carriage

@Jim_Stone Do you mean you had to beat your rods into the bearings on the corner brackets? The first rods I bought weren’t spec’d for the bearings and I had a similar issue but I ditched them for Misumi and the fit was flawless. Worth every penny

@Zane_Baird And into the gears afaik XD
Yeah i used drill rod from the local machine supply store so idk tolerance.

I just know i dont have the money to get new ones. this printer got me broke haha.

@Jim_Stone Its unfortunate that I didn’t have my new XY belt tensioners designed when I sent you those parts… That would have allowed you to change the carriage without taking out the guide rods on the side

  • well maybe i get lucky and just have to change the bearings at most.

I wonder if designing a heat shield to go around the heater block would help.

@Greg_Nutt if i was gonna do that. i would spend the money that went into that…on the new style e3d block upgrade with the silicone sock theyre making.

that would literally solve my problem and i know it.

but me being me and the doofus i am. i have to not spend money first

Actually the sock may not help. I have another customer using sock that has similar issues.

So…a silicone sock…a thermal barrier…a hest shield

Doesn’t work

@Jim_Stone Its just a thin barrier and apparently it does degrade over time. I haven’t seen any life-changing revelations from anyone using the silicone sock, but maybe I haven’t been following it close enough.

Well that sucks that it degrades. It certainly is a nice idea to prevent the sticking

I was thinking more of a shield that wasn’t in direct contact with the heat block, leaving an air cushion as an insulator.

You might check the health of your power supply. I had a similar behavior and the supply was on its way out.

@Zane_Baird Finally got around to printing your fan shrouds. however the hole is oversized by a few mm. are you using larger fans?

@Jim_Stone My modified carriage and fan ducts use 40x20mm fans. This would easily explain your problems if you are using the 50x50x15mm fans specified in the BOM. Are you using the 50mm fans? If so, let me know and I will do my best to design you a fan duct that works for that situation.