Anyone have a belt slicing jig idea? My X axis belt,

(Jamie Richards) #1

Anyone have a belt slicing jig idea? My X axis belt, may possibly be stretched and the one I bought is 6mm, which is too big for the pulley. Thinking about just finding a taller MXL pulley. Why would they do this? The Ys are 6mm, but not the x. Going to try and rig something using a razor blade I guess.

My belt is tight, but I guess it can throw measurements off a little by being stretched. It still performs well, as shown in my speed test, but if I cut something at 160mm, it will actually cut it to 164mm. The closer I cut to home, the more accurate it is; no problem with Y.

(James Rivera) #2

Are you sure it is MXL and not GT2?

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #3

Doesn’t LO have the right size belts?

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #4

Thinking about your belt slicing problem here is an idea for a jig.
I made something like this to cut plastic strips and maybe it would work for belts…although they are pretty tough to cut.

(Jamie Richards) #5

Thanks Don, that’s something on the order of what I was thinking! LightObject is overpriced imo. I’ve read where people have cut them by hand, but want something I can get it started by hand and then just pull it through. The K40 X uses MXL I’m told. Also assuming the two Ys are MXL, but they won’t need narrowed should the time come to change them.

(Jamie Richards) #6

Alternatively, I can switch to GT2 and just figure out how to program the steps in the Cohesion3D board, but if it should fail and I have to put the nano back in, it wouldn’t work correctly.

(James Rivera) #7

IIRC, the tooth profile of MXL is inferior compared to GT2 wrt backlash. If I’m right, then now might be a good time to upgrade.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #8

@James_Rivera #K40Belts

(Jamie Richards) #9

I suppose if I did switch, I could always keep the old belt and pulley as a backup should the C3D fail; I’m kind of considering it. I would need to find info on programing the steps or whatever for the X. I’m sure I’d figure it out, but FIGURING IT OUT!!! lol

(Jamie Richards) #10

Here’s a low cost solution. Will this work?

Robot check? What is that when I post a link?

(Jamie Richards) #11

Just realized, I’ll need a wider idler pulley for the tensioner if I go with this.

(Jamie Richards) #12

Update. Solved the mystery thanks to Tony in the C3D group. The k40 Grbl steps are 157.575. I did manage to make a jig that worked quite well by using the blade from a bic razor. Managed to cut myself even though I used pliers to take it apart. The belt they sent was almost 10mm and the K40 takes just under 5mm.

(James Rivera) #13

@JamieR #Tenacity :smiley::+1:

(Jamie Richards) #14

Here’s the belt I ordered and they sent me 10mm.

(James Rivera) #15

@JamieR So you got 40% free belt! :wink:

(Jamie Richards) #16

lol, yeah, but I’m still thinking about changing the pulleys and going to a GT2 setup because the belts are so much cheaper and supposedly more stable. MXL is only going to become more expensive as it becomes harder to get. Or I’m going to say the heck with it and build a larger gantry, which I’ll use the newer stuff on.