Anyone had any luck with Synthetos support?

Anyone had any luck with Synthetos support? I have a TinyG that I accidentally sent a vcarve file to, and now has the flashing spindle_dir light. I would like to send it in to be re-flashed possible. I have contacted support via the website several times with no response.

You can do it yourself.

@Steve_Anken Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Several times?

Yeah, I though of you right away, Riley. Thanks for the GREAT support in the past. It was odd to see this post when you always responded so fast with me, so glad you are OK.

Riley’s awesome.

@Steve_Anken any time @Steve_Anken . We are a small group of 3 (@Alden_Hart , @Riley_Porter_ril3y , @Rob_Giseburt ) official guys @cmcgrath5035 is our official UNPAID forums hero that helps us out tremendously. If we miss something in support its not because we doing it on purpose. There is MUCH code MUCH hardware design and MUCH day jobs to contend with that sometimes things do fall though. The community is a great help as well and we do see this even though we do not always chime in. We try and sometimes we might fail but we will do our best to make it right.