Anyone had a look at ? Normally I'd just dive into it,

Anyone had a look at ? Normally I’d just dive into it, but I’m in the middle of a 10hr print and don’t have the heart to cut it short. I currently only use Slic3r and Cura combined with Pronterface.

I used an early version of it. It has a pretty slick UI. But I have not tried their slicer yet.

Not too crazy about the software. Not bad looking, just not as easy to use like repetier.

It’s a very different paradigm that will take a lot of getting used to for experienced users. It’s aiming more toward the future of “just click to print” machines, rather than trying to be a sophisticated control interface for a machine that needs one, as older host programs try to be. I think its features will make things easier for new users, though experienced users will need to re-learn some things and get used to some slightly more advanced functions not being front-and-center like they are in other hosts.

I like the slicing. In particular, the supports in MatterSlice work really well. MatterSlice is based on CuraEngine, and its supports are based on Cura’s but it adds interface layers with an adjustable gap for release from the print. I’ve gotten some pretty spectacular results printing with supports in PLA using MatterSlice, orders of magnitude better than I’ve seen with any other slicer.

Thanks for the feedback! Love the Cura engine already, with my one complaint being its support, so that bodes well

I didn’t know it was based on CuraEngine, which is excellent. I’ll have to take another look at this–especially when I need to print with support (although I try to avoid support material like the plague).

This app is like the Desktop version of Octoprint. It has better 3d visualization but I think Octoprint and web technologies are the way to go.