Anyone got the chance to test one yet?

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Anyone got the chance to test one yet?

@Michael_Sorkin was Semi Happy about em

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In-Depth Review of Da Vinci Jr. 1.0
Sure, it’s a #3Dprinter for beginners. But is it really worth to invest $349 into a Da Vinci Jr. 1.0?

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Seems like a biased review. He judges quality with a 0.4mm layer height print and then complains about surface quality and corners. Then compares it to the Ultimaker and Zortax M2000. Not really a fair review but he does provide some facts. He should really keep his opinion to the evaluation section. This review disappointed me

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I’ll fwd it to the Head of @All3DP @Anatol_Locker

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@Adam_Steinmark Thanks for your your comment and sorry that our review didn’t meet your expectations. I wouldn’t say we’re biased ir comparing it directly to the Ultimaker or Zortrax - they print in a different league and we are aware of that. It’s just that many newcomers invest in a low-cost printer and are easily disappointed. That’s what we want to clarify with that review.

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@Anatol_Locker You should have printed in the highest quality if you wanted to test quality not 0.4mm layer height. You should have compared it to something in the same league like the Printrbot Play or some of the portable printers. I agree that the Da Vinci line is a bad investment but it’s not necessarily disappointing unless you’re looking for something to give you lots of control and be upgrade-able. The Da Vinci line has solid printers with extremely limited capabilities and I believe you poorly represented this printer because of bias towards high-end expensive printers. I’m not saying to change your review or remove it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I’m just disappointed by the review. No need for justification, I understand why you reviewed it the way you did.

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@Nathan_Walkner Prusa’s are generally in the ~$750 category, I’ve never seen a kit for less than ~$650 even with plywood parts. I maintain a closer comparison is the Printrbot Play; similar price, material compatibility, plug and play aspect, and build volume.

The article is very biased. They don’t test the printer with correct settings and they don’t compare the printer to printers in the same budget. I agree with the conclusion they come to, it’s an obvious one, but they inject opinion in with the facts rather than keeping it in the “Our Evaluation” section. I don’t disagree with the assessment of the printer just the way it was reviewed.

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@Nathan_Walkner You’re right I blocked the crappy ones out of my mind but with research they become familiar.

Once again I agree with the assessment of the Da Vinci Jr. I only disagree with the way it was reviewed because there was extensive bias.

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@Nathan_Walkner Yes I agree with all that. I’m not disputing the value of the i3.

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I’m ok with the Printrbot play being considered a well made toy. It’s called the play for a reason. What I hope is that people get it to try 3d printing for fun and find out it actually can become a useful tool or a great teaching tool.

Too many printer companies try to sell their printers as magic machines that do anything- print anything. Our Play is meant for kids and adults to get and have a little fun without breaking the bank. My opinion is : Nothing, and I mean nothing, in that price range is as well built. Not even close. It out prints everything even close in price and almost everything period. Those that the Play doesn’t beat, it equals for a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to believe me, read user reviews. Just consider print size and if you need abs prints- the play prints everything but… Abs is possible but will warp in larger prints w/o a heated bed.

Davinci misses the mark so completely I don’t even bother comparing them. That said, people make their own decisions and i encourage all 3d printing. I love this stuff and would help anyone with any printer if they are having trouble. I think most here in the community are the same. If you haven’t bought yet, there are lots of helpful people here with lots of different printers to ask. If you have already bought, chances are people are here to help.

Totally biased.
I made the play.

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@Brook_Drumm Thanks Brook. Always nice to hear from ya :smiley: