Anyone from Munich, Germany?  We're having our 4th 3d Cafe on 24th of January

Anyone from Munich, Germany?

We’re having our 4th 3d Cafe on 24th of January at @FABBEO_DE

I wish there would be an event closer to home…
Munich is a long way off for a day out :frowning:
Anyone here living in Hessen?

Organize a meeting, i will reshare here and on FB Make Germany

Is the 3D-Printing-community on FB more active? I will coordinate a date with @Lukas_Merz and then take you up on your offer :wink:

Naj - not really, but i am Plattform Agnostic

I thought there will be a German Maker Fair?
That would be a reason to travel to Munich

There will be? on 20/21th of April

ah, i remember ^^

Man, I’d love to. But it’s my birthday. Hrmpf.

@Jan_Wildeboer So what? Maybe someone’s going to print you a birthday present :wink:

Just for the record: Hessen/Rhein-Main representing :wink:

@Gina_Haussge I just came to the clonclusion that “Obertshausen” is around the corner! Sorry, I didn’t know that :smiley:

@Kay_Luddecke Until I moved here I didn’t know either, so no harm done :wink:

25 Fixie-Minutes ^^