Anyone found an alternative for the a_7z41mpsb08m from SDP/SI?

Anyone found an alternative for the a_7z41mpsb08m from SDP/SI? (The sleeved bearings for the eustathios carriage).

Guess I’ll have to wait till they’re back in stock unless there’s a drop in replacement out there?

I use LM8UU bearings for the carriage. Which carriage are you using?

I printed the most recent eustathios v2 carriage. I would prefer bushings to be honest, in my experience bearings have either a) eaten into my smooth rods or b) left nasty oil over my hands everytime I touch the thing.


Ultobots are if I remember a father/son group. I like everything I have bought from them.

Excellent thanks Eric!

They have 10mm ones also.

Also LulzBot

@Isaac_Arciaga nice find.

I know that this is a little stale… those are SDP/SI units.
They are about $3/each in 2017 prices…