Anyone figured out what options at Misumi to pick for the extrusion to be

Anyone figured out what options at Misumi to pick for the extrusion to be drilled appropriately for Tim’s method for frame assembly?

In order to understand the options, you need to view the catalog pages. I’m lucky enough to have an older hard copy laying around. I just got the preconfigured box, using the corner brackets, which require no drilling, tapping, or self-tapping screws (which are a PITA), and is also decently stronger than blind connections. IMHO, they’re easier to install as well.

I just had them drill and tap the ends. but forgot to have those options for the zstage

Here is what you need. These match the dimensions on the Ingentis Blog. Should get you all the holes drilled and the ends tapped.

4 ea of : HFS5-2020-465-TPW-LCP-RCP-AH95 (vertical legs)
10 ea of : HFS5-2020-425-TPW-LCP-RCP

TPW is both ends tapped.
LCP is left end cross drilled.
RCP is right end cross drilled.
AH95 is a hole drilled 95 mm from one end.

I drilled and tapped my own, as it saves a lot of money.

The 465 length rails it adds ~$10 to each extrusion.
The 425 length rails it adds ~$8 to each extrusion.

@Tim_Rastall , may want to possibly add these to the BOM for people who don’t have access to the machinery required to drill and tap their own. I would have gladly skipped a few parts and spent the money if I could have had this all pre-done for me.

@Sonex128 Thanks for that, very helpful. I honestly can’t trust myself with a drill to get the holes perfect so I’ll either get these pre-cut and drilled, or resort to the L bracket assembly method instead. Both are a little more pricey than doing it yourself, but there’s a reason I want computer controlled machining and printing - my hand-eye coordination sucks! :wink:

You can also find the Eustathios version of these parts in the BOM: